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High-profile clients need interim executives who can transform objectives into deliverables. Our diverse pool of independent consultants can thrive in any number of roles. Meet the team that curates that talent.

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Bert Miller

Chairman + CEO

Bert Miller is a leading expert on search, recruitment, and talent retention. Throughout his 35+ year career, he was instrumental in building the teams behind many of the world’s most renowned household names, spearheading digital transition within a legacy category, and identifying winning business opportunities in their earliest stages.


Andres Rodriguez

Managing Director + President

After 15 years in the recruitment and talent business, Andres is at the top of his game. And he always brings his ‘A game’ to the table. Every. Single. Day.


Maria Soto

Sr. Recruitment Manager

From business administration to VIP hospitality; via sales, marketing, general management, and working as a pastry chef — Maria’s worn many hats, which makes her an outstanding recruiter.


Cristina Sacco

VP of Marketing

Cristina's passion for marketing comes from a love of storytelling - she's always been fascinated by how people connect with brands. She believes that a good story can make all the difference in whether or not people work with a company, so she's always looking for ways to make those stories more engaging and relevant.


Mike Bitar

Advisor at ace Talent Curators

A reformed accountant who swapped calculators for consumer recruitment, Mike’s sector knowledge and management skills are a valuable asset to have on-demand.


Isabel Cosby

Director of Search Operations

Using her skills and experience learned from the hospitality industry, she learned that she has a talent for people management. Isabel’s ability to make things better and more efficient has helped countless clients, consultants, and staff take their careers or businesses to the next level. Her passion for creating genuine, people-focused relationships sets her apart from others, proving that operations can be done with heart.


Jordan Cutters

Business Intern

Jordan is always striving to improve, connecting with successful individuals, and gaining diverse experience. He enjoys building relationships and working with motivated people and has an unwavering commitment to constant improvement.

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