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We pair best-in-class interim and contract talent with consumer facing companies, allowing you the flexibility to scale regardless of need or function.

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The Brightest & Best Interim Talent

Catering to the needs of a changing world.

Time was — not even that long ago — jobs were for life. But what a boring life — being stuck in the same company: year-in, year-out!

The world of work is very different — it’s changed so much in the last year alone. Employees want more. They want to ‘live to work’ rather than ‘work to live’.

Talented people are motivated by variety; by challenges they can tackle head-on. And because our contractors and interim execs enjoy working the way they do, each client we match them with gets the very best from each one.



Niche Focus. Broad Remit

Our purpose is clear: meeting your needs.

Talent strategies have to be as flexible as consumer demands. Even though we’re 100% committed to placing contract positions and interim talent within the consumer and lifestyle sectors, the types of roles we place are diverse.

The functions we serve range from sales, marketing, and finance; all the way through to supply chain, operations, and IT. But we don’t stop there either.


Short Term Solutions. Long Term Strategy

Helping you map out a talent plan that works for your business.

Often, as a business, it’s hard to get a handle on the exact position you need to push your company forward. Or, in other words, sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

Sometimes having an interim executive with the right approach in place can provide even more long-term value and impact than employing someone full-time to do the same job.

It all comes down to understanding your business needs. So go ahead — talk to us. Let’s figure out the way forward.

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