Independent Consultant Matching

It’s like dating for your business.

Imagine conceptualizing your team culture, the workload, and the goals. 

And dreaming up the perfect match for that open vacancy on your team.  

Then you interview and interview and interview. 

And post more jobs ads.

But you can’t seem to match the right profile for the vacancy.

Hiring managers and talent acquisition teams spend too much time researching, reviewing resumes, interviewing, and picking up the slack of other team members during parental and sick leaves, intercompany projects, and even corporate relocations. 

Understanding the solutions available to you will help alleviate the stressors above and get you and your team on the right track to genuinely understand the long game.

And speaking of the long game…

Maybe the reality of your goals can be different than you imagined. 

So why would you bring in a full-time permanent employee or delay your goals for a potentially long and expensive search? 

The benefits of leveraging Independent Consultant Matching and the Contingent Workforce may intrigue you, but the growing list of terms to define talent may confuse you.

Here’s a cheat sheet:

Interim Executive: Full-time Executive for a defined period, where the average length of an assignment is 6-18 months.

  • When you need one: The Interim Executive often steps in when there’s been a sudden departure in leadership, and the Full-time Employee (FTE) selection process will take some time. 

Independent Consultant: Manager/Director-level Consultant with deep expertise in their space, hired for a project-based deliverable. The Independent Consultant typically works on a part-time basis, where the length of the project depends on the deliverable.

  • When you need one: Value-based alternative to the major Management Consultancies. You have a project that needs support to get done on time or to relieve bandwidth from your current team for the duration of the project or special initiative. 

Fractional Executive: Executive-level Consultant working on a part-time basis for extended periods.

  • When you need one: This is a cost-effective alternative for companies that don’t have the budget or workload for a Full-time, permanent Executive but still need support. 

Skilled Contractor: Temporary Associate/Senior-level talent supporting business-critical functions, typically working full-time for a defined period, where the average length of an assignment is 6-12 months.

  • When you need one: When Full-time Employee (FTE) headcount hasn’t been approved, there’s enough work for full-time support.

Where are the areas we typically see the highest demand for this type of talent in Consumer Packaged Goods? 

  • Brand Marketing
  • Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Business Transformation
  • National Accounts Sales

So the next time you have a vacancy or need on your team, remember that Independent Consultant Matching can equate to access across all these functions.

Access you can’t afford on a full-time basis.

Access you can’t attract on a full-time basis.

Access you didn’t think was possible at your stage of growth.

Stop limiting Independent Consultants and the Contingent Workforce to paternal leaves and temporary projects, and start accessing this talent for the business-critical functions you’re waiting to hire Full-time Employees for.

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