Let’s Change the Contract Staffing Stigma…

Long gone are the days of looking at the “unemployed pool” for maternity or sick leave coverage only. There’s so much more to the contract world nowadays, largely the benefits of pay flexibility and project-expertise. And did we mention your candidate pool is much larger now? 

Contract staffing is a win-win for employers and Contractors.

Contract staffing is a win-win for employers and employees. For the employer, it offers the benefit of having someone in the office without having to go through all the effort of hiring and firing full-time employees. In addition, employers can hire contractors for specific projects or temporary positions until they find suitable candidates internally or externally.

For contractors, a big opportunity is to develop or showcase skills while being paid competitively—and not just at one job! Contractors can work in different industries while gaining valuable experience that will certainly come in handy to the companies they advise and assist.

Contract positions do not require the company to pay payroll taxes or offer benefits… But oftentimes the Contractor is still able to receive them.

Contract positions do not require the company to pay payroll taxes on the individual or offer benefits. These are advantages for employers, as they can hire Contractors with lower overhead and greater flexibility. While Contractors do not receive direct benefits, such as PTO, retirement plans, or health coverage there are staffing agencies Contractors can partner with and still receive some benefits.

Flexibility? Yes Please

Contractors have freedom over their schedule and can take on assignments that interest them since they are not bound by an employee role. For some, this flexibility allows the individual to choose opportunities that specifically speak to their strengths and allow them to focus on producing high value while relieving the pressure of full-time employment.

All in all, Contract staffing is

Is changing. The World of Work is changing, and we all need to as well. It’s not just for the “unemployed” covering short leaves or emergencies any longer. Contract Staffing is becoming an essential part of business and the way we grow our teams and revenue. 

Want to know more about how to work Contract Staffing into your growth strategy and how a proper plan can help you hit your revenue goals faster? Contact us to schedule a FREE consultation. 

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